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22+ Best Personalized Gifts For Wife: Thoughtful and Fun ideas | SFG

On some occasions, a personalized gift would be a great choice for your wife. It is unique, special, noteworthy and even funny sometimes .

But you still don’t know what to make? Then you have been in the right place. We have many gift idea suggestions for your wife.

Let’s take a look through to find the best gift.

Are you looking for an anniversary gift for your wife? You still don’t know what to choose to give your wife on her birthday? You have already given all the common presents and now you want to amaze her with a new kind of present?

When it comes to finding a gift for a wife, men always struggle to choose the most suitable and remarkable presents. It would be hard to choose from a thousand of anniversary gifts options. You not only want to surprise your wife but also want her to see it as the most unique present for your wife.
What about being different now by making your own gifts. A personalized gift would be a great choice. It is unique, memorable, noteworthy, and even funny sometimes.

But you still don’t know what to make? Then you have been in the right place. We have many gift idea suggestions for your wife.
Let’s take a look to find the best gift.

Why The Best Gifts For Wife Must Be Personalized?

Personalized gifts would be considered as unique gifts that can remind your partner of how much you care and think about them. It’s not like other presents; the personalized product can help to store the best memory and show how special they are for you. They will know how much effort and care that you put into the anniversary gifts. No survey or research has been made to show the percentage of women loving receiving the personalized gift but we can estimate through the revenue of selling customized products ( 40% higher than the non-customized products). Women love to feel like “ the only-one” then they would prefer to receive such meaningful presents from their partner. So why can personalized gifts be so meaningful and touching?
It shows more personal connection:
The “one and only” thought
Suit on any occasion
It can be given to anyone

22 Personalized Gift Ideas for Wife that Made Your Wife Remember For Years

Therefore, we have plenty of personalized gifts fitting with all of the wife’s needs  :

    1. Mug: What can be better than a memorable gift, which can be used everywhere and always in need. The mug that is made for only her will be a great love signal. She can hold and admire it when she is working, studying, or just enjoying a beautiful sunset. It also can be a lovely reminder for your partner to drink more water. Click personalized mugsin Sweet Family Gift to get your ideal cups.
    2. Shirt: A cute shirt with her name and your name on it will be an adorable present. Imagining that your partner wears it on some special occasions will make a moment become more memorable.
    3. Blanket : A warm hugging at night is what a lover desires. Giving a beautifully comfortable and soft blanket which is also decorated specially for only her would be a sign to assure her "I will always be by your side" or "Even when the night is cold, I will keep you warm." With a lovingly designed and cozy silk, she will always feel your love. Don't forget to take a look throughpersonalized blankets to get your wife "a warm hug right away."
    4. Pillow: Besides a warm blanket, a pillow can not be missing on the bed. Everyday, she will lay her head on the soft, pleasant pillow and dream about you. Therefore, a Personalized pillow is a recommended place for you to search.
    5. Canvas:  Women love decorating their house, so having a meaningful and unique canvas in the room will make them cheerful. It makes a beautiful part of the house where both wife and husband can hold hands and feel each other's love everyday.
    6. Snow globe: It doesn't have to be Christmas to give someone you love a snow globe. A tiny and enjoyable decoration such as a snow globe can touch someone's heart and light up their day.
    7. Phone case:Everyday, your partner has to use the phone and spend most of the time looking at the phone, so why not give them something that can regularly remind them of your love. A cute and lovely DIY phone case can be a perfect fit.
    8. Wool handmade purse /bag: If you give your wife a handmade bag that has her name on it and is also made by you, she will wear it and treasure it. Women love wool products that are very vintage and cute.
    9. Personalized necklace: A most common gift for a wife but do not underrate the meaning of this option. Women wear a necklace to emphasize the most feminine part, and more than 65% of them prefer to wear something related to their love. In addition, the neck is also known as the nearest place to the heart then a necklace is an announcement "You are always in my heart."
    10. Bracelet: A nice and shiny bracelet is one of the things that women can not resist. Having the same meaning as the necklace, but bracelets have one difference - they are always in your wife's sight. For example, She is cooking and looking down at her hands, and then a sweet anniversary gift makes her miss you.
    11. Jewellery holder: What about a jewellery holder as a personalized gift? Your wife will hang and store all her beautiful sparkling accessories on this holder. You can find some recommended material. 
    12. Memory box:  All of your dating pictures, some photos of your love, and a hand-writing letter in a box with a customized design can give your wife a fantastic surprise.
    13. Home slipper:Cute and warm slippers will be a perfect gift to help comfort your wife every time she is at home.
    14. Kitchen dish:To help decorating a house and marking the anniversary, a lovely DIY dish will bring joy to your kitchen and your wife.
    15. Vase:As we all know, women love flowers. Giving your wife stunning flowers and a lovely customized vase in the middle of your living room can totally make her happy all day.
    16. Picture frame: A frame that keeps your wedding picture or your family picture and contains all the unique stuff from your family has to be the cutest decoration in the house.
    17. Photobook:  Maybe you already know that women are known to remember moments or occasions in detail. When you give her a photobook of all the pictures of your dates or some minor events that happened, she would be happier than ever when she flips over the page to page.
    18. Personal make-up bag: Giving your wife a personalized make-up bag shows how much you care about her and admire her beauty.
    19. Personalized anniversary push-in map:Your wife will be so excited to see a push-in map in which all of the dating places or the first place you two have met are marked. You and your wife can also keep each area in turn to recall those romantic memories.
    20. DIY wallet: Helping your wife get organized with a lovely wool wallet can be an exciting present. 
    21. Hat:We suggest you should at once give your wife a handmade hat. It can be wool or any fabric, but you can add on some new things such as pearls, gems, tassels, etc. Just with one little decoration, a hat can be customized to be the only one.
    22. DIY clock: One of the best gifts ideas for a wife is a DIY clock. You can freely decorate anything on the clock and make it an unforgettable present.

Question: Where to find personalized gifts?

You can search for many DIY instructions on the internet or find many available options for personalized gifts inSweet Family Gift . You can choose from many meaningful words, and they also include an image that you can customize the hair color and skin tone and even add a name to be more special.

Question : Is making a personalized gift hard?

It's up to what kind of gift you choose. But usually, all the personalized gifts are DIY, handmade, or simply a product with a unique design. If you decide to do DIY or handmade presents, pick a suitable product and follow carefully to the instructions. Therefore, we don't think  It will be a problem for a caring husband. You can refer to some options in Sweet Family Gift also.


There are many ways to show your wife how much you love her and how much you care about her. Besides bringing her to such a romantic restaurant and recalling all the best memories, giving her a thoughtful and remarkable gift will make her feel special and loved. Hence, a personalized present will meet all of the needs of a wife's anniversary gift. These ideas of presents that we suggest above are meaningful and very useful. So then, If you're looking for some available customized gifts, don't forget to take a look through Sweet Family Gift .