In light of the unprecedented, global response to COVID-19, we want to provide you an update on how this situation may impact our transactions.

To help, we have put together new FAQs specific to COVID-19 below. If you still need to contact our Support, please know that our customer service teams are working tirelessly to answer you as quickly as possible. However, we would like to ask for your patience and understanding as this is an ever-changing situation. Please refrain from contacting us multiple times about the same issue as this can cause further delays.

We thank you again for your patience and understanding during these challenging times and for being a loyal customer.

Is my delivery going to be delayed?

Our goal is to fulfil orders within our usual timeframes. However, delivery times are dependent on the capabilities of our delivery partners as well as any government’s recommendations or regulations towards self-isolation. We are a global marketplace, and it is possible that delays in Europe could impact delivery times to the United States, for example. To check the current status and delivery tracking of your order, contact us: support@sweetfamilygift.com

Is my payout going to be delayed?

Due to the unforeseen impact from COVID-19, order processing at our fulfilment centers may be subject to slight delays. In some cases, we are proactively rerouting orders to the facilities best equipped to support them in real-time. This means that some orders may see slight delays in process from what they are used to. As soon as an order is verified, the production will start immediately. Thanks for your continued support. 

Can I change my delivery address on an existing order?

This may be possible in some but not all cases. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need to update your delivery address. Please refrain from submitting multiple cases as this can cause further delays.

Where can I get updates on my order?

To check out the current status and delivery tracking of your order, please follow the enclosed link in shipment confirmation email.

 You can also follow UPS and DHL service alerts to keep up to date on COVID-19 shipping delays.

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